Easily Monitor your Material Handling System

The innovative Realtime360 View™ user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) and diagnostic software package enables you to easily monitor the performance of your material handling system. Errors and faults are displayed with device specific information, guiding operators to known problems. Through the use of graphical display screens, a system layout can be displayed representing the conveyor system being monitored. If a fault condition arises, the problem area is highlighted for immediate resolution.

Realtime360 View provides a reliable, easy-to-use solution for your administrative and maintenance needs and includes the flexibility to simultaneously monitor multiple panels and systems. The diagnostic are capable of monitoring all aspects of the automation controls used in your conveyor systems, from motor control panel performance to field device conditions to overall system efficiency.


  • Innovative HMI (human-machine interface) based on CAD layout of your systems provides a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables easy set-up and operation
  • Real time diagnostics of system performance, including diverters, alarms, and event.
  • Easily identify where conveyor jams and other fault conditions occur.
  • Click on scanner location to view performance and history of barcodes scanned.
  • Customize configuration on the fly: set ratios for product flow/conveyor merge point.
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Realtime360 WCS Inbound and Outbound Systems

Realtime360 WCS Inbound System
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Realtime360 WCS Outbound System
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Easy adjustment of multiple operational parameters. HMI provides a real-time view of each material handling system.

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HMI enables real-time monitoring of all WCS systems allowing adjustment as needed.

View Operations

Real-time view of WCS systems. Color-coded operational status for easy troubleshooting and quick problem resolution.

View Maintenance

Provides easy to understand diagnostics and reports on system performance.

Specific Items Monitored*:

  • Status of each electrical panel (Emergency-Stop, Power and Overload faults)
  • Battery condition from each PLC (Normal, Low)
  • PLC status (Major Faults, Scan Time, Rack Conditions)
  • Air Pressure status from each compressor (Normal, Low)
  • Motor overload status by panel
  • Jams, Full Lines and Emergency-Stop Status by panel
  • Individual Motor Status
  • Individual Full Line and Jam Photoeye Status
  • Individual Emergency-Stop Pushbutton/Lanyard Status
  • Total Cartons Scanned
  • Total Cartons Confirmed
  • Total No-Read Count
  • Total Reject Count
  • Total Re-circulated Count
  • Percentage of Valid Reads

* Realtime360 View is built upon our standardized software platform and tailored to the various systems being monitored. Because it is configured specifically for each application, all functionality described above may not be included in your system.

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