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Customers who have chosen BP Controls to meet their industrial automation, warehouse controls and conveyor systems needs include:

  • Anco Cheese
  • Aramex
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Colonial Electric
  • East Penn Manufacturing
  • First Quality
  • Follett Higher Education
  • Fuch's Spice
  • Gallo Wines
  • Generation Brands
  • Hudson News Corporation
  • John Wiley and Sons
  • Johnson Bros./Mutual Dist.
  • Ken's Foods
  • Knoll Manufacturing
  • Kraft Foods
  • Newgistics
  • Okidata
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Quad Graphics
  • QVC
  • Rand Direct
  • Resnick Distributors
  • Schratter Foods
  • Select Nutrition
  • Time Customer Service
  • Tropical Cheese
  • Unites States Postal Service
  • XPO Logistics/Amazon
  • XPO Logistics/Verizon

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Realtime360 Warehouse Control System
Realtime360 Warehouse Control System


Whether you need more control or better control, the Realtime360 Warehouse Control System™ from BP Controls offers you a complete WCS solution. From sortation and in-motion weighing to label print and apply and PLC controls, our solution offers both the modularity and scalability to fit your needs, coupled with the most user-friendly HMI available. Read more...

Realtime360 Warehouse Control System
Realtime360 Warehouse Control System


The Realtime360 Robotics™ automated solution from BP Controls provides intuitive, reliable, efficient robotic solutions that meet the needs of both standard, repetitive robotic applications as well as unique, customized applications. Our solution’s functionality is based on task specific requirements, enhanced data-driven capabilities to identify, sort and process at high speed.

The Realtime360 Robotics package is available as a stand-alone system or as a module to our comprehensive Realtime360 Warehouse Execution System (WES) or Realtime360 Warehouse Control System (WCS).

Realtime360 View
Realtime360 View

The innovative Realtime360 View™ user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) and diagnostic software package enables you to easily monitors the performance of your material handling system. Errors and faults are displayed with device specific information, guiding operators to known problems. Through the use of graphical display screens, a system layout can be displayed representing the conveyor system being monitored. If a fault condition arises, the problem area is highlighted for immediate resolution. Read more...

Realtime360 Logo
Realtime360 View

Realtime360 Controls™ provides a PLC platform for the controlling and monitoring of inputs and outputs (I/O) for a variety of material handing applications. Whether your industrial control system requirements consists of a single industrial motor control or hundreds, our controls package will provide the right solution, scalable for most common material handling solutions, including: transportation, accumulation, merge tables and sortation. Read more...

Realtime360 Sort
Realtime360 Sort

Our Realtime360 Sort™ package is a reliable and efficient solution for your automatic sortation and merge control needs. This innovative solution includes configurable software for a variety of applications and is easily tailored for most sortation systems, including Pop-Up, Pusher, and Shoe Sorter conveyor systems, Tilt-Tray sorters, Bombay sorters, and Cross-Belt sorters. Read more...

Realtime360 Label
Realtime360 Label

Realtime360 Label™ is a reliable and efficient solution for your automatic labeling needs. This solution includes the flexibility to simultaneously control multiple printer applicators that can be used in tandem for high throughput applications. System interlocks automatically sense printer/applicator status, ensuring if a machine is taken off-line for service, that the label data is sent to machines that are still on-line. Read more...

Realtime360 Weigh
Realtime360 Weigh

Realtime360 Weigh™ is a reliable, efficient solution for your automatic in-motion weighing needs. This flexible solution includes the ability to perform dynamic weight verification (check weigh) or catch weight applications. The weighing package can be seamlessly integrated with our Realtime360 Label™ package to perform in-motion labeling for most retail applications. Read more...

Realtime360 PTL
Realtime360 PTL
The Realtime360 PTL™ solution from BP Controls provides a cost effective solution for both Pick To Light and Put To Light applications. Using standardized hardware, these solutions are ideal for both small and large applications and provide the flexibility to grow from one to the other. Read more...
Realtime360 Static
Realtime360 Static
The Realtime360 Static™ Suite provides a cost effective solution for gathering and recording package information, weighing, labeling and dimensioning products. These manually operated desktop versions of our popular Realtime360 in-motion solutions offer configurable software for a variety of the applications most commonly required. The system can be easily tailored to meet unique, customer-specific needs. Read more...